The Best Cafe World Set Up

Want to know the number one set up in cafe world? Make your cafe the best it can be with this simple yet effective layout.

Tired of constantly rearranging your cafe, but not being able to get that set up that is the best? Not making enough money fast enough? The picture below shows the number one layout for your cafe in cafe world. Why is it number one? Well..

This set up becomes available at level 8, and you can have two waiters working for you at this point. What makes this layout so good is that the waiters and the customers can easily and quickly get to tables, which optimizes your efficiency, earning you money faster. Also, since you’re likely to go through servings really fast, be sure to block or remove the doors when you have no food available in order to save your rating. Be sure to cook high profit foods, so that you can earn the most when you’re playing.

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