The Best Eight Tips on Making Money in RuneScape – for Non-members

Here are a couple of good tips on making good money in Runescape. Some methods may take more time than others. This article aims toward lower-level players.

  • Kill cows (lvl. 2) in the north-east part of Lumbridge and collect their hide. Currently* (as of 12/11/2011), Cowhide is worth 285GP. Once you have a full inventory of them, you can either bank them at Al Kharid, or go straight to the Grand Exchange and sell them. They sell instantly 95% of the time as long as you have it selling at a reasonable price.
  • Mining clay at the mining spot south-west of Varrock. Clay only requires level 1 mining. Clay regenerates in about a second. Each individual piece is worth (as of 12/11/2011) 130GP. You can mine 10 in under 5 minutes and that’s 1,300GP! Good for low levels, but if you have a high mining level you can mine clay faster. And you can occasionally find a sapphire which are currently worth 1,357GP.
  • Chopping down trees. Only requires level 1 Woodcutting, and can be done quickly. Logs can be sold for 105GP. NOT Oak trees, they provide good XP, but they’re very cheap.
  • Mining Tin and Copper and smelting them in a furnace gives you Bronze. Bronze bars can be sold at , but if you turn them into bronze tools or armor (obviously) the price goes way down. Same deal for pretty much all metal bars.
  • When you kill level 21 guards (and sometimes level 2 goblins), they’ll drop drop 2 grapes. These grapes are  individually.
  • If you have a fishing level of 40 or over, you can fish lobster. Raw lobsters are a little more expensive (119GP) than cooked ones (92GP), so after you fish them, just bank them.
  • Picking up limpwurt roots in the Edgeville Dungeon.
  • Kill Hill Giants (lvl. 13, 28) Sell their big bones for 
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