The Blitz Command in Final Fantasy Vi

Sometimes you use swords and sometimes you use magic, but every now and then success comes down to a hearty punch – or many.

The Blitz command is a set of attacks available to Sabin. When used the player must enter a code (somewhat akin to using moves in a fighting game) that will set of Sabin’s Blitzes. If successful Sabin will execute the attack; otherwise he simply fails and his move resets. Learning each of them is crucial to overall success.

You learn Blitzes by advancing in levels. You’ll learn the following Blitzes during the game:

Raging Fist: Sabin attacks a single enemy with a flurry of punches.

Aura Cannon: Sabin strikes one enemy with holy power.

Meteor Strike: Sabin grabs a single enemy and leaps into the air, smashing them down on their head.

Rising Phoenix: Sabin hits every enemy on the screen with a fire-elemental attack.

Chakra: Sabin heals everyone on the screen for an amount of HP equal to his max HP divided by the number of characters in the party. It can also cure status ailments.

Razor Gale: Sabin hits every enemy on the screen with a wind-elemental attack.

Soul Spiral: Sabin completely rejuvenates the HP of all characters on the screen but dies.

Phantom Rush: Learned from Duncan. Deals a massive amount of damage to a single opponent.

Check here for the button combinations associated with each move.

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