The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

What do we know so far about TES V: Skyrim?

First of all, we know that is should be released 11th of November 2011. Another thing we know is that the game introduces dragons. That should be fun! First of all the looks, even though that isn’t important for a game such as this, I have to say, this game (looking at the screenshots and videos) should look incredibly realistic. Game has got a new engine and you can see it’s work below :)

Okay, enough about graphics because, as I already stated, that is the least important part of this game. When it comes to controlling your character in battle, in Skyrim you will be able to use two separate buttons for left and right hand. That means if you have shield in right and sword in left, pressing right click would raise the shield while pressing left click woul swing the sword. Another big change is spells. In Skyrim you will be equipping spells like weapons, in left, right or in both hands. You can equip different spells in right and left hand, but also make a more powerful spell by using it in both hands. Also there will be many different spells. You can cast a fireball, set up a trap etc.

Another change is the menu. There are four categories: map, inventory, skills and magic. Every item will be available in 3d in inventory for examining. When it comes to skills, you will have 18 skills, and there will no longer be “major” and “minor” skills. You will be what you play, and I think that is better because countless times I have created new character just because I realised I want to play some other way. Every skills will have perks for you to choose, with which you further specialize. When leveling up there won’t be 8 attributes to pick anymore. There will just be health, magicka and fatigue.

Radiant Story is also being introduced. You will get random quests when you enter city from people. These quests will often take you to unexplored dungeons, making you explore them.

That would be just some of the new thing in TES V: Skyrim.

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