The Five Most Overrated NBA Players

The other day I wrote about the five most underrated players in the NBA. Consequently there are five players in the league who are highly overrated. These players are all above average at their position, but they are overvalued. Not every player that is regarded as tops in the league mean they are deserving of that praise. Some players are over praised so let’s take a look at who they are.

5. Andrew Bynum- Bynum was part of the blockbuster trade that brought Dwight Howard to the Los Angeles Lakers.  If Howard decides to stay in LA the Lakers would have gotten the better part of the deal by far.  Andrew Bynum who is heralded as the second best center and some would argue the best center in the league is highly overrated.  Bynum is only 25 years old and has yet to play a game in his 8th season.  Bynum has only played in all 82 games once in the 06-07 season and has not played in more than 65 games since.  He is injury prone and makes questionable decisions on the court which can be summarized by his clotheslining of J.J. Barea and then taking off his jersey and walking off the court.  His talent does not exceed his personality or his history of injuries.  He has only grabbed 10 or more rebounds a game twice in his career.  That is terrible for a 7′0 center who clogs the paint and seems to be the tallest player when his arms are extended.  Andrew Bynum is the most hyped center whose career averages are just that…average.

4. Amar’e Stoudemire- Sorry Amar’e, but your just not what the New York Knicks expected when you signed as a free agent 3 seasons ago.  Injuries have sucked the life out of Amar’e.  He and Carmelo Anthony were supposed to change the culture in New York and lead the Knicks to the playoffs and beyond.  They have led the Knicks to the playoffs, unfortunately they have only 1 game in two appearances.  Last season Amar’e Stoudemire took a dip in production.  Injuries and the loss of his brother were definite contributors to his lack of production.  There is already talk that Amar’e Stoudemire might have to come off the bench when he returns form his injury.  A superstar player coming off the bench?  That’s because he’s overrated.  He and Carmelo Anthony can’t win on the floor together and that leaves many puzzled.  Durant and Westbrook work, Wade, LeBron, and Bosh work, Pierce, Garnett, and Allen worked.  Why can’t these two superstars work?  Because they are overrated plain and simple.  

3. Carlos Boozer- Boozer is probably has the least star status on this list, but the Bulls brought him in because they think that he is a player that provides scoring and rebounding to help Rose and Noah.  Carlos Boozer is highly overrated however.  To start the season without their number one scoring option it would be easy to say that his scoring is up or at least in line with previous season averages.  He is averaging his lowest points per game in his career since his rookie season.  He doesn’t step up when it counts, but he gets paid like a player who should hold his own come the playoffs.  The Bulls won’t be able to come out of the East with someone like Carlos Boozer.  They need to find someone who can score more at will and willingly.  The past two seasons Rose has taken the Bulls on his back and carried them.  When Rose went down, Boozer couldn’t help his team into the next round of the playoffs.  Simply put Carlos Boozer is a loser.

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