The Three Most Memorable Aspects of Gaming

The game industry is expanding for several decades. Gaming remains as something hot nowadays. The technology breakthrough helps gaming to continue creating history of its own and playing a great part in many people’s lives. Games are capable of delivering not only fun, but also tragedy and happy surprise. This article discusses these three most memorable aspects of gaming.

Gaming gained its popularity for many decades. From simple to complex, gaming continues creating its history and providing entertainment to the users. There are more hardware and accessories available for selection. Every year the game manufacturers introduce a wide variety of games. The market for games is growing rapidly. Many people spend a lot of money and time on games. Gaming not only produces fun, but also can bring forth tragedies and happy surprise. This article talks about these memorable aspects of gaming.

1. Fun

Before the release of Game Boy in 1989, what did people have to play with? The answer is Game & Watch. From 1980 to 1991, Nintendo released Game & Watch which was a line of handheld electronic games. There are many different games in different versions. The handheld electronics game is small and portable. The display, controls and speaker are all in one unit. Each unit got one game inside. My first game is Parachute (wide screen version). It is released on the 19th of July, 1981.

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The player presses left and right buttons to steer the boat so that every parachute can land on it. If any parachute falls into the sea, one life lost. Falling speed increases as the game goes on.

As you can see, the game is very simple. It demands the player to act fast. Fun is delivered shortly by this handheld game console. Kids and adults were crazy to carry it around at that time. Many people lost in the game easily. It was a savior when a person was alone and got nothing to do. Despite the technology makes progress in a staggering speed and many advanced games are available in the market, that little game still held an only place in my heart.

2. Tragedies

Having fun is supposed to be good, but sometimes it leads to tragedies when people are over addictive to games and neglect the surroundings. There were two cases reported in the recent news.

In Taiwan, a woman got drunk and lost conscious after the rear side of her head hit on a cupboard. Though there was a loud “bang”, the 13 years old son was so lost in the PC game that he did not bother to check what had happened to his mother. When the game was finished, two hours passed. He then noticed his mother lying on the floor next to him and without any conscious. His mother was claimed dead after reaching the hospital.

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