The War of World War Ii – The Second War World Mmorpg

As in the real war, decide if you’re allied or axis. Both factions are totally different, including the interface and the theme. Allies play as green and its units have standard camouflaged while the axis plays with a grey interface. Regardless of the group you choose, you will be taken to the battlefield of World War II.

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WWII Warfare is another major free strategy mmorpg games and here choose your faction and struggles against each other.

You build your own base and develop your building infrastructure such as the Academy, the Medical Center, deposit, headquarters etc.

The game features a mission system with which you can obtain resources through looting. The missions are divided into three classes, and these are based on the difficulty. The more difficult, because better award to receive.

WWII Warfare includes point’s dev which are used to update and improve your buildings.

In WWII Warfare, you can recruit commanders and they will gain experience fighting both in attacks as defending.

These points are assigned on the four available skills of Commander: command, intelligence, strength and warmth.

Unlike other browser games, WWII Warfare is based on a system of Commander, that the participants can upgrade on their attributes, according to the above a few paragraphs above. At the same time, there are elements to equip it.

The game features a system of alliances and a disposable email address. This system allows the leader of the Alliance’s full support to its members and vice versa.

There are two systems of promotions in WWII Warfare: referral and Union system. In the first you can get gold in exchange for subscriptions

Through your referral link, i.e., those who subscribe to the game via a link given by you, the Union system gives participants the opportunity to host is the game and you can get up to 500 USD per month, so it is valid try.

1. If you enter game for the first time, you will get items for your first adventures with a chest. To open the chest you will find a VIP element. In addition, each time that you log in to the game, get resources and gold – is the currency of the game.

2. Prior to attack and conquer other bases make sure that you have sufficient resources to keep your units.

3. Recalls that after your attacks, may be offensive enemy, so it sets, be attentive to responses enemy.

The game is designed to attack, so the defense system may seem unfair.

How many more troops, more consumption of grains. Please present the situation to avoid your men will die of hunger.

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