Theme for Today Money!!!get Paid to Play!!!

Well my list says to put four ways to get money one for gaming and one for other things for today but I cant find so much for gaming so the best I can do is to put gaming and money together see it!!!

    Well yesterday night i was surfing on the play store with my phone and i watch some games and others which was great, i wanted to download them but i couldn’t cause they needed money to get them but after that i found an application(not really application) that you can earn money only by download the free games of this company, play their games and create accounts which you can delete after on some silly websites.

    I thought the games i couldn’t download before and without any other thinking i downloaded it. When i opened it wanted an account so i create one and when i got to the first page it had balance(how much do you have) page 1 to get money and page 2 to get money the other were just ”about” and ”help” so i press the page 1 and it had to download this and get 23 cents.

    These companies just want you to download their stuff and you will get some money too because they get for one download maybe 60 cents or 50 it depends. So if you want to play cool games but they need money to download you can download this (maybe) application on the play store it caled:Get paid to play

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