Tips and Tricks Increase Your Money on Farmville

I’ll share with you some simple but powerful tips to increase the money you make on Farm Ville.

Getting Unlimited Farm Ville Cash for Free

You can get your free FarmVille cash / premium cash by filling out surveys under the tab “Add Farm Coins & Cash”, scroll down the page when you’re on there. Periodically more surveys will come out for you to complete and this is how many users get unlimited FarmVille cash!

Awards and level

FarmVille has a unique levelling system where you can unlock new seeds and objects for your farm. To level up in FarmVille you need to collect experience points which are given to you by completing tasks and harvesting crops. You should consider growing the faster growing crops as these will allow you to gain experience points a lot quicker, which in turn will allow you to grow better crops which give more cash per harvest. Whilst levelling up like this you will also unlock achievements and gain awards, these usually come with a nice cash bonus.

In basic form: Plant crops that grow faster as you earn experience points quicker which will allow you to plant better crops, this will allow you to get a lot more cash.

Lazy Farming

If you are on a tight schedule and can’t get to your farm all the time your crops may die and you will have lost all of your cash for that produce. If this is the case you could start planting trees as when they are fully grown they cannot go bad, however trees are expensive and don’t give much cash in return. However a new feature in FarmVille allows you to also get cash without having to plant crops and they do not go off like plants do. What I’m talking about is animals. You can buy animals for your farm which will also allow you to gain money off them, the best thing about it is that the things they produce do not have a time before they go bad. You can buy cows to collect milk off them, buy chickens to collect eggs ect. This allows you to visit your farm whenever without worrying about crops going bad and losing a lot of cash. Beware that this method will not give you many experience points so you will not level as fast.

Unlimited Gift Cheat

One of the best “cheats” to use on FarmVille is the unlimited gift cheat. If you wanted to run a farm without crops this cheat will help you a lot as this will allow you to build up your farm for free. This cheat works best using the Firefox browser.

To use this cheat you need to right click on the “gifts” tab at the top of the game window and select ‘open in a new browser’. This will then open the gift screen in a new tab. Repeat this as many times as you like. Once you have all the tabs you want open, go back to every single one and select the gift you want to give out. Do this for every single tab WITHOUT confirming the selection. Once you have done all of them go back and select the person you want to give the gift too. Once you have done this you may go back and confirm each one.

The trick with this is to create another Facebook account to send unlimited gifts to your main account, or you could get a friend to do this for you. 

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