Top 10 Computer Games

Every day we see new computer game is released. Its creators believe that they created a masterpiece, but in fact most games are just boring.

 Few of them are worth playing and only one or two per year have a chance, their place in the history feature. Below you will find 10 games, computer games that changed the world forever.


First version of Pong was released on 29/11/1972. The author would want a 2D simulation of tennis, where players hit a ball (represented by a white pixel) back and forth using paddles on both sides of the screen. If a player was not fast enough to got the ball back the other one point. Who won more and more points.


It is impossible to count how many versions of Tetris were created. Based on a very simple idea of ​​combining elements in different forms succeeded in a big popularity with millions of players. Nowadays you can play Tetris on your PC, cell phone, Game Boy, Game Consoles, TV, DVD and even in public toilets.

Pac Man

A funny-looking yellow ball and eat small balls on the run from ghosts. How interesting can it be? Now Pac Man was so popular that in 1982, is the “Man of the Year” award from Mad Magazine got.

Wolfenstein 3D

3D first-person shooter (FPS). Play as an American soldier, William Joseph Blazkowicz was the player of a Nazi stronghold to kill as many German soldiers and guard dogs as possible to escape. Wolfenstein is now available on the iPhone.

The Legend of Zelda

The granddaddy of all role playing games (RPG). Created in 1987 by Shigeru Miyamoto, it began a popular series consisting of 14 official titles that sold more than 55 million copies.

Super Mario Bros

The title, the games industry saved after Atari went bankrupt (at this time Atari was the most important game developers). The story of an Italian plumber Merio, and his brother Luigi, found it way to the comic books, television shows and even on the big screen.

Dune II

Dune I was an adventure game, Dune II, but, unexpectedly, a first real-time strategy game (RTS) was. If it were not for that title, we would never play “Command & Conquer,” “Red Alert” and “StarCraft”.

Mortal Kombat.

“Finish him!” – This is what made Mortal Kobat so popular. The level of blood and gore was something unseen in the games from that time.

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