Top 10 Most Pathetic Damsels in Distress in Video Gaming

There are many damsel in distresses in video gaming, some more pathetic than others. This is going to list my opinion of the top ten most pathetic of these damsels. (I know there are a lot of Final Fantasy characters, but most of these pathetic damsels are in the series, it’s a Square Enix thing).

Honorable Mentions: Yorda (Ico), and Isabella (Advance Wars: Days of Ruin)

These are the two who can be pretty pathetic damsel in distresses but have something making up for it.  Yorda seems really weak and pathetic, but Ico is completely dependent on her.  Not only that, she has awesome lightning abilities.  There is also something that happens at the end of the game, but I won’t mention it due to spoilers.

Isabella made the honorable mentions just because you couldn’t use her in the campaign.  She doesn’t do much except for communicating with Penny.  At least you get to use her awesome abilities in versus.

#10: Farah (Prince of Persia: Sands of Time)

Farah is indeed needed by the prince to get through the palace.  She is also useful in distracting enemies when you are being surrounded.  On top of that, she is pretty bad***.  Why did she make the list then?  She can be kind of stupid.  She rushes into battle with only a bow and then complains when she gets ambushed.  If she stayed a good distance away and actually stayed by the prince, she wouldn’t even be considered a damsel.

#9: Amy (Sonic the Hedgehog series)

She is a lot like Farah but does a little less and is in distress more.  She often tries to help but ends up being a hindrance to everyone.  Don’t get me wrong, I really like Amy and her awesome hammer, just she needs to plan things out.  What doesn’t put her further down is when she actually uses that hammer of her’s, she is pretty formidable.

#8: Aerith (Final Fantasy VII)

Aerith is not lower because unlike other characters, she is still useful even after her death.  She gets captured by Shinra once and is stabbed by Sephiroth (the latter shouldn’t be a spoiler as everyone should know this), but even after all of this mayhem, she is still useful.  How is she useful after her death? That’s a spoiler, play the game.  Why is she on this list then if she is still useful?  This is because she gets captured a few times… and had to die in the _first_ disc.

#7: Rinoa (Final Fantasy VIII)

She is your best mage character outright.  She also has an awesome shooter.  The problem with her is that for a large part of the game, she is unusable due to multiple and consecutive circumstances.  You do something to save her, and another problem pops up.  What redeems her is when you finally “officially” save her, she stays with the party for the rest of the game… and she has the highest magic stat.  That magic stat is pretty useful.

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