Top Five Minecraft Video Makers on Youtube!

This is a list of my favourite Minecraft video makers on Youtube, this is all personal opinion, feel free to comment if you feel differently.

Top 5 Minecraft Video Makers On Youtube!

Hello, I’m Tom, and, if you’ve read my other article about Minecraft SMP Servers ( then you wil probably know that I play Minecraft, and the I also frequent the Minecraft forums and watch Minecraft videos. (I sound relatively sad, but oh well). Anyway, this is my top 5 Minecraft video makers on Youtube.

Please note: this is my own personal opinion, if you feel differently, please tell me, and if I’ve missed any, comment them, with a link to one of their videos so that I can check them out for myself and add them in :)

Number 5!

At number 5, I have BlameTruth. Now this guy was one of the original Call Of Duty commentators and recently he’s started making Minecraft videos. Unfortunately as I write this article he has only released 5 Minecraft videos, but I find them entertaining, and he also plays lots of other games, including Pokemon! Check him out here:

Number 4!!

In the number 4 slot we have LukeDude5 (Lukedude100). He does lots of different videos on Minecraft, and although he’s not the cheeriest commentator on earth, but his videos are generally informative. He is relatively successful as he has managed to get himself a partnership! Check him out at this link:

Number 3!!!

At number 3, slightly better than number 4, I have put BrenyBeast! He is now doing a “Build ‘n’ Play” series, which I can tell will be good. His other videos are all of a good quality, and he’s entertaining. Not really much to say, but his videos explain everything. Check his channel out at this link:

Number 2!!!!

Number 2 has to be PotatoOrgy. He may have an odd name, but his Let’s Play series is really cool, and he has a cool server that he hosts for all his fans. Also, he built/is building Hogwarts! Those videos are amazing, you can check them out, with the rest of his videos at:

Numero Uno! Number 1! 

Number one, maybe just because he’s the first Minecraft video maker I found, is HuskyMudkipz. He started off with some explosion videos, then, after that got slightly boring to all of his subs, he moved on to doing a Let’s Play series, which was well received as well. He is also doing some playthroughs of other games, so you should definitely check him out.

PS: JX23 is also a great commentator, but I haven’t included him as he doesn’t upload many videos, and he keeps restarting.

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