Top Mmorpgs 2011

What are the top MMORPGs of 2011? Here’s an analysis of why free to play is the way to go when it comes to MMO games.

Everyone loves playing MMORPG games these days.  How can you not? Most offer huge worlds to explore and have many hundreds of fellow gamers to play and battle with to accomplish group objectives or even to fight for rewards and bragging rights.  These many different types of strategy MMOGs have taken the gaming world by storm and hundreds of thousands of players all around the world play at least one MMORPG, if not more.

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However, a lot of them require month-to-month subscription fees and sadly that may be a deal breaker for most people.  Luckily for those who are worried about shelling out month-to-month costs to fulfill their adventuring desires there are many free MMOs that involve no month-to-month subscription ever.

In fact, one of the biggest advantages of these strategy games is that if you should ever decide that the one you downloaded isn’t the best one for you, you have risked nothing except the time it took you to download, install it on your computer  and play it.

These free MMOs use an ingame cash shop  to get income to pay for server costs and updates that keep content fresh.  The cash shop is completely optional, you can play as long as you like without ever needing to shell out a cent on it.  However, those who spend cash on the cash shop normally will have access to certain vanity items that provide character customization such as awesome hairstyles, eye colors, animations, etc. while gamers who do not spend funds will have to be content with the free avatar looks and emotes.

People looking to devote the least amount of money possible be wise to just buy additional inventory space.  F2P MMORPGs are notorious for limiting storage abilities to a few slots to entice gamers to buy storage for easier gameplay. When you decide how much inventory space you need then any extra spending is completely up to you.

The main draw of the item store is usually the cosmetic items.  Gamers often love to customize their characters and you’ll find no shortage of clothing to ensure that you will be playing in style.  Many of these clothing are simply costumes that make your character look stylish. They equip over your equipment and contain no extra stat bonuses.

Another big money maker in the cash shop are pet companions.  Pets are typically just a little animal companion that follows you around. Although some may help you in battle, many are there just to look cute.  Pets can vary from your simple dog or cat, to exotic creatures like lions, robots, leprechauns, or even monsters like skeletons, vampires, werewolves, etc.  There is usually minigames involved with your pets such as giving them pet food and playing with the pets to keep your companion happy and healthy.  Pets are totally optional and players never need to purchase a pet.

Free MMORPGs At times even offer you items you can purchase with real funds instead of game currency such as potions and even elixirs that give you temporary boosts to experience points or luck to increase your drop rate.  While most of these types of items can be obtained using the game currency, they can be very expensive if your temperament has not found a good way to elevate funds.  Speaking of funds, if you’re broke in the game world, but not so broke in real life, you can normally purchase game currency for real funds to give your self the advantage of not having to devote time raising funds in the game.

If you are looking to get involved in an MMORPG but do not wish to shell out dollars on membership fees, a free to play one may be the ticket for you.  There are many great f2p MMOs out there, so do a little research into which ones are your type.  The best thing about all of this is that if ever you decided that you don’t like the MMORPG, you didn’t shell out any cash on it at all so you can try as many as you like without spending a fortune.

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