Trainyard Solutions: Delson

Stuck on some of the Delson levels on Trainyard? This article offers screenshots of each solution.

About Trainyard

Trainyard is an iPhone application where the player must guide trains to the train stations. There are various obstacles thrown in along the way, making this game a great challenge for anyone that likes puzzles.

About Delson

The Delson levels, named after a city in Quebec, start to get more complicated. The purpose of these levels are to send multiple trains from one location to different locations, while keeping the colours sorted. These levels require careful planning of where each track gets laid.

Mellow Yellow

Delivering Oranges

Purple Parcels


Around the Bend


Too Many


There are many ways to solve these solutions, so it’s possible to get a different solution than the ones I have posted. Some solutions are faster than others, but in the end all solutions gain you the same amount of points.

Other Solutions

Check out my solutions for the other levels of the puzzle game. 


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