Ultimate RuneScape 1-99 Summoning Guide

This is a guide on the easiest way to get 99 summoning. I will show how you should use your charms and in what order for the least losses and most exp per hour.

These are the routes that you should use when actually making things out of your charms:

1. Fastest route: 2,500 charms per hour max 
Required: 57 Summoning 
Need : A spirit Kayatt, and ring of dueling. 
Method: Use the spirit Kayatt to teleport and go down the ladder near where you end up, then use your ring of dueling to teleport to castle wars for bank. 

2. Second fastest: 
Required: Runes for teleport to house and ring of dueling. 
Method: Move your house to Taverly and then on options set it so you teleport to the portal, not your house. Run from your house portal to Pikkupstix’s house and use his obelisk, then bank at castle wars.

Now this is what to make with each of your charms and at what levels you should make them:

Gold Charms

Levels 16 – 40

You should now make Granite Crabs. Granite Crabs need iron ore to make, so they are cheap, and even cheaper if you mine the iron ore yourself. They need 7 shards for each pouch. 

Levels 40 – 52 

You can now make Bull Ants. Bull Ants can be very expensive, as the marigolds cost a lot, but you can grow marigolds very quickly. So I advise farming marigolds and using them for Bull Ants, as this trains your farming level and summoning. 

You only need 11 shards for each pouch, so that makes them good experience. 

Levels 52 – 99 

Spirit Terrorbirds are great experience, and they are extremely cheap, as each pouch only needs 12 shards and a piece of birds meat.

I would advise always keeping at least 100 of these pouches and 1000 scrolls as they are extremely useful when training and in quests. extremely useful when training and in quests. 

Green Charms 

Levels 18 – 33 

You need to use gold charms until level 18. Once you reach level 18 you can make Desert Wyrms. These are OK for experience, but I would advise Granite Crabs, as these are more expensive for only a few more experience. If you are going to make them, complete the quest “hand in the sand” as you get free sand in your bank every day. 

Levels 33 – ? 

I don’t know what to do after level 33, but at level 33 you can make Beavers, which are good experience. You need a willow log for each pouch, so to reduce the cost you could cut your own willows. 

After level 33, I suppose you could make Macaw pouches, but I don’t know as I use Gold and Crimson Charms for training.    

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  1. Posted April 5, 2011 at 11:56 pm

    great post,thanks.like your share.

  2. Ryan
    Posted July 19, 2011 at 9:39 pm

    Wow Thanks! always thought Summoning Was Crap!

  3. Marzera
    Posted August 27, 2011 at 5:16 pm

    If you follow this guide, use your Crimson and Blue charms until the later levels.

    Trust me, you don’t want to be getting 500k+ per level on Greens and Golds, with Blue charms making Geyser Titans you can get almost 1 million exp per hour and that’s at level 89. Well worth saving your Blue charms for that.

    Level 99 summoner, I know my stuff.

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