Video Games; Govermentally Influenced or Not?

Some people believe video games should be banned due to violence, but did you ever think it’s the government who initially backed up the idea.

People everywhere have heard something about how videos games harm the mentality of the youth. Some people even go on to say that they should be banned in the United States, but have they ever thought that some of the violent video games are actually backed up by the government. Or even the idea for the games came directly from the government? I believe that the government actually helps contribute to these so called “violent video games”.

There are many reasons as to why I believe this, but the most logical of reasons shall be explained. Before I go into that though, I must point out a few factors. In WWII, only 15-20 percent of soldiers in combat would shoot to kill. Mankind has a very strong resistance to killing other men. Only through intense training will most men overcome the urge to either intentionally miss or not fire at all. Then years passed by and the rates raised immensely. By the Korean war around 90% of soldiers were willing to kill.

My beliefs are simple, the government has made some videos games, or at least backs them up, for the purpose of serving the government in some way. Even some TV shows and movies may be backed by the government. Let’s take a look at the very popular game series ‘Call of Duty’ for example. This game contains guns, death, explosives, blood and gore to some degree. Most parents probably don’t mind this type of game compared to more gruesome games due to its realistic nature. But think about it, have you ever played one of them or know somebody who has? Chances are, you have or you do, and if so then you know the excitement ad thrill that comes over you when you get a kill or when you’re being fired at.

Those thrills and the adrenaline you feel pumping through you will cause you to not take a good look at the sadistic, yet fun, nature of those types of video games. I, in no way, oppose these video games of these types of movies. I personally enjoy video games to a great degree. Even first person shooter games like ‘Call of Duty’. I do, however, believe these games are not corrupting our youth, but it is teaching them how to shoot to kill with no remorse or guilt from taking the lives of other humans.

This does not mean all games are made by the government or that they are all, or any whatsoever, being used to brainwash the youth. This just means that if I am correct in my beliefs and assumptions, the trying to get violent video games banned is a pointless and futile effort. The government will always need soldiers, and who better to prepare than those kids who already get the thrill from shooting other people, even if it is just a game.
(I in no way oppose video games or want them banned. I just want to express a different outlook on how people see them. Also, no I am not a conspiracy theorist.)

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