Was Mortal Kombat Nine Successful?

It kind of was if you look at sales!

Mortal Kombat 9 was released during April 2011, and this release date provided a great timing as no other games came out around that time. After the series’ return the question is, Was Mortal Kombat 9 successful? In some ways yes and in some ways no but it all depends on how you look at it. The sales of Mortal Kombat were over 3 million, which is quite a lot since it is Warner Bros’ first Mortal Kombat game after taking over the series. So in this aspect yes it was successful.

After the game’s release there was a DLC season pass released that allowed gamers to play as an additional four characters. Many people bought the season pass without knowing what the four characters would be upon release but after the release of Scarlet, Kenshi, Rain, and Freddy Kruger characters the fans were quite happy with the selection of fighters. Though the game was successful in both unit sales and DLC sales the game did not last long at all. The online multiplayer used to be crowded with gamers and now it has shrunk by nearly two-thirds as people become bored of the game. There are many reasons why some may become bored of it.

First of all online play started out extremely laggy and difficult to play and this problem took two months to fully fix. After fixing the problem the online population grew and the game started to flourish again. The problem was now that people were getting randomly joined together and ranked which caused the matches to almost never be evenly matched. This made the veteran players quite bored and the lower skilled players quite angry. This is also seen in couch versus otherwise known as playing local. If you bring a guest over who is new at the game it is not much fun as the game is hard to get used to quickly.

The game just got boring to people quickly as any fighting game does outside the arcade where it belongs. I still got a lot of fun out of Mortal Kombat for the few months that I played it and still think it was worth the purchase but I do not think I should have bought the DLC with it! Overall I think Mortal Kombat was successful in sales but not in longevity.

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