Where The Book of Mudora is in Zelda Link to The Past

In order to get to the second main dungeon in Legend Of Zelda Link To The Past you need to get the Book Of Mudora. Follow the guide in this article and you will learn how to get the Book Of Mudora and journey to the second pendant.

In order to get the Book Of Mudora in Zelda Link To The Past, you will first need the Pegasus Boots. After you finish the first dungeon where Link gets the first pendant, you will find the Pegasus Boots slightly west of the first dungeon location. You need this item in order to the the Book Of Mudora in Legend Of Zelda.

Now at the very beginning when you are starting your file from Zelda, start in the sanctuary. Go out of the sanctuary and go south past the fence of the sanctuary. Follow the path until you need to either go left or right. Now take the path that is going in the west direction. Keep going west and continue to follow the path. Eventually the path will go to the place where the fortune teller is, and the path south to Kakariko village.

Go into Kakariko Village. When you go in there is a lightly greened tile that is sort of a sidewalk through Kakariko. Go on this sidewalk and follow it to the east a little bit and then go all the way to the south. Continue on this sidewalk all the way south through Kakariko Village. When you keep going south you will find an archway that will exit out south of the village. Go under the archway and keep going south.

If you have played other Zelda games you might recognize the Kakariko name. In both Twilight Princess and in The Ocarina Of Time, these two games have a village named Kakariko too. Even though they have the same names, each Kakariko Village is different in each Legend Of Zelda game. Now continue through the arch south.

Go directly to the left (west) and and you should see a little house with a feather on a sign. Take the ladder leading up to the house and go inside. Inside is the Legend Of Zelda world library. On top of one of the bookcases, you will see a green book. This is the Book Of Mudora. With the Pegasus Boots Link can now go on a running dash. Use the action button with the Pegasus Boots and dash towards the bookcase with the green book on top. When you hit the bookcase, the Book Of Mudora will come flying off. Now get the book.

Link will grab the Book Of Mudora and now he will be able to translate the ancient Hylian language. The Hylian language is an ancient form of writing that was used hundreds of years ago in the Zelda world. Take the book to the second dungeon, and use the book on the pedestal where the ancient writing is. Now a path will open to the second dungeon in Zelda Link To The Past.

This is how you get the Book Of Mudora in Zelda Link To The Past. Follow these simple tips and you can easily find it. This Legend Of Zelda game is available for download on the Nintendo Wii system. You can also buy the original cartridge release for the Super Nintendo console, at any used game store. Both games are identical so these instructions will work for whatever version of Link To The Past you are playing.

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