Why Pc Gaming is Superior

PC gaming has been constant throught the years, it is, and always will be, the best.

Personal computers have been used for gaming ever since their debut, their capability for games is unparalleled and the ease of customisation is so superior to consoles that it is indescribable.

Firstly, PC gaming is ALWAYS light years ahead of its console counterparts, for example PC gamers were fragging each other on-line long before the console could even tell the time. Even now PC gaming is at the forefront of development thanks to technologies like 3D.

Also, The PC is not just limited to gaming pursuits, when you finish playing you can browse the Internet, do some word processing or listen to your music. In this regard the PC is superior in almost every way.

PCs are also A LOT more powerful than the current generation consoles, we are capable of playing the most beautiful games in the world like Crysis 2 and Just Cause 2, while these games are available on console they look the best on PC.

PCs are easily customisable and keeping your system up to date is a simple and relatively low cost operation, this means that there are PCs for everyone no matter the price, you cannot say this about the consoles where you pay lots of money for a standard machine that can’t be upgraded.

PC games have a great community behind them that are always releasing impressive Mods to always keep your games fresh, every game has a dedicated community that are committed to get the best from that game.

Multiplayer on a PC is a simple and hassle free process, everything is easy to access and you will be guaranteed that you will find people to play with no matter how old the game is, for example Battlefield 2 from 2005 still has a large fan base.

Steam is a reason to buy PC games in its own right, think of it as a superior XBox Live for PC, with everything included from a place to buy all your games to a place to talk about them.

Finally, PC games are so CHEAP, you can pick up a six month old title for £15 when the console variant will be £35 or more. Even new games are often half the price of console games!

In conclusion PC gaming is basically the pinnacle of all media, and will always be.

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