Win 10 Million Dollars for Free???

What in the heck…is Moola???

Its official the world has gone crazy! What is too good to be true…is in fact TRUE!!!

Welcome to Moola everyone. After joining the massive rewards tournament also known as Moola, I have to tell you, I feel pretty damn welcome. So here is the concept: Double a penny 30 times and you get over 10 MILLION dollars. Simple enough. So with the welcome mat you also get a free complimentary penny of your very own so you can start working to double it and climb the Moola tower immediately. Hey, that’s pretty great if I do say so myself.

So where is the catch? Well, you double your pennies and climb the Moola tower by gambling your penny against other real player’s pennies. The wagering involves three very simple games mixing strategy with a little luck. A game of HI/LO for the card lover, a game of what is essentially Rock, Paper Scissors with a twist, and my personal fave, Gold Rush…truly a game of strategy! The winner of the game has in fact, doubled their penny. What next? Do it over and over and over again. As your penny mountain climbs the tower you can wager ever greater amounts to double your money over and over. The goal it would seem is to get to the top of the tower and collect over 10 Million dollars. The site sounds too good to be true.

It is not. A totally free online game playing site that really will pay you to play. In fact the more you play and the more you save the more they will pay you! That pretty much wins it for me. So long Pogo…Moola I’m your newest fan. You get to play for free and they pay you. Free money? I’m there!

Just out of curiosity if I told you it got better would you believe me? It does. Moola also allows you to get bonuses for referrals that sign up and verify their accounts (ALL FREE!) under you 4 levels deep. That is a huge referral program. And Moola is even too cool to take your bonus from your referrals pocket; nope they pay it out of their own ad revenue. A novel concept indeed. A chance for anyone to become a millionaire for free.

Last but not least a catch…sort of. You can’t deposit money into your account. All money must be earned or won. Moola offers a lot of boosters that can help you climb the tower fast. From shopping with sponsors to taking advantage of some very great offers from their advertisers, the list goes on. Either way that climb up the Moola tower will be both fun and exciting…but not easy. So what if you don’t want to spend a single cent? You don’t have to. Simply double your starting penny all the way up the tower. But if you can’t deposit money, and you don’t want to spend any money at all…what happens if you wager and LOSE your penny?


Welcome to the game folks…hope to see you on the way up the tower!

Get your personal invite right here:

Look for me on Moola! I am Hunter0fPrey and I look forward to meeting you at the Hi/Lo table! Bring your PENNIES!!!!!!

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