Winners of The Championship of Online Games Received a Gift Korean Car

Video games korea.

Winners of The Championship

In Moscow on October 9 and 10 was “the first all-Russian championship on online video games korea, organized by the company’s Innova and, as well as the Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Russia. The main prize was a car Hyundai i20. As cyber disciplines were represented in the championship free multiplayer tactical video games korea CrossFire and multiplayer first-person shooter PointBlank.

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Competitions were held in 2 stages

The first time was to determine the top two teams of eight who participated in the competition for online video games korea shooter Point Blank and Cross Fire, which the developers are Korean companies. Best team in the Point Blank has AoeXe, in the Cross Fire – Cyber Team.

At the second stage of the team came together in the offline battle on the paintball field. The strongest team was AoeXe, representing Point Blank. Car keys handed over to the winners of the Ambassador of South Korea in Russia, Lee Youn-ho at a ceremony held at the Korean Cultural Center on Sunday.

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