Www.gamesgames.com: Some Good Games – If You Look Hard Enough!

Gamesgames.com is an online free games site that offers hundreds, if not thousands of games for free. However, quantity is not everything as I found out when I visisted the site.

Online games are really hot right now, and have been for the past few years. They are great for anyone who has spare time on their hands, and for all those bored to death employees out there. I was on a forum the other day, one I visit regularly and they were talking about this www.gamesgames.com, for which I had never heard of. The curiosity killed the cat and I went on the website and played a few of their games.

Overall I played a fair few, I would say around 20 over the course of 2 hours, across the broad spectrum of categories. I was really disappointed with most of the games. They are so easy and simple that if my dog could turn a computer on, he would be able to play them.

Now I am not naive at all when it comes to online gaming, as from a young age I have always been into them, particularly time management games. On other sites, they typically start off easy but then you really have to concentrate and work out a strategy to win.

However on gamesgames.com it starts off easy and stays easy, and on a few games you only get to play 1 level- that’s all they go up to.

The website themselves don’t make out that they are brilliant game developers, but the fans of the many forums and blogs I have visited seem to think they are amazing, and addictive.

In fact their most popular game – Dino Run For Love, is a spot the difference game, which shows you how engaging most of the games are.

To be fair to gamesgames.com there are a couple of alright games such as Katrina’s Kitchen and Text Express 2, and they do exactly what they say they do on the tin- make games for bored people. Some of the categories of games have a good variety about them, whereas others are as boring as watching paint dry.

If you avoid the time management section, you should find some good games!

Why not check out the site and see what you think? ( No referral link)

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