Xtremeworlds: Tip List

Several Tips for making a game with XtremeWorlds.

           XtremeWorlds is a free 2D MMORPG Maker Engine. It is very stable but lacks some features when compared to other 2D MMORPG Makers. If you aren’t familiar with XtremeWorlds, click here.

           One of the first things to know when using XtremeWorlds is how to use the map editor. It’s pretty simple, you want to add lots of details to your maps. You will want to use animations and fringe tiles to give your map a better feel. It is also important to make sure it looks clean, not to clunky, or disordered.

           If you want your XW game to stand out from the rest, you will need to learn and use the XtremeWorlds scripting system. Learn the fundamentals of Scripting. If you really want to learn how to use scripting to do several things, you will want to learn about .ini files in scripts.

           Another way to make your game more unique is to make a custom GUI you can learn more about that here.

           To see more tips and information about XtremeWorlds, click here.

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