Zhypermu: Private Server of Global Mu Online

Are you tired of having to kill countless hordes of monsters in Global MU Online? Are you tired of having to pay monthly subscriptions fees just to get better benefits in Global MU Online?

If you say “yes” to both of these questions, then you’ve found your answer.

Global MU Online is a Massive-Multiplayer-Online-Role-Playing-Game that lets you take part in a journey throughout the lost continent of MU. Little is known about this continent, but what is known is that it is under an Evil Lord’s command; Kundun. Kundun and his minions have haunted the continent of MU and its citizens. It is up to you, to rid this peaceful kingdom of his dominion.

If you would like to read more historical facts about the land’s history, visit this.

You can also look at the characters available for play on each specific character pages.

Dark Knights: http://muonline.webzen.net/GameGuide/Character/DarkKnight.aspx

They are known as MU’s melee characters. They possess the ability to wear heavy armour, swords, spears, and shields. You can say that they are the front line warriors. They also have the ability to boost their stamina along with their party members.

Dark Wizard: http://muonline.webzen.net/GameGuide/Character/DarkWizard.aspx

They are known as the Spell Casters and are a “beast” at levling due to their attack range. Once a Wizard can use their spell ‘Evil Spirits’, they will dominate a training area.

Rest of the characters at: http://globalmuonline.gamersfirst.com/characters.php

Training areas. When you first create your account, you will start in either Noria (elf) or Elbeland (Summoner) or Lorencia (everything else)

Before you go killing monsters, make sure you always stop by the Soldier Elf. She will give you buffs to make you stronger in offense and defense. Once you got your buff, you will notice a green and red aura around your character. This aura will last until you die.

Head on out and kill everything in sight. Make sure you buy healing items such as apples or red potions. The blue ones are for mana.

It’s better to ask for a party because most people will stay in one area and just spam their skills. Always ask for parties, or just party the person by either:

  1. Press D on keyboard, click Party, then right click the person. Make sure their name appears white on the arrow.
  2. Keep your cursor on the person, and type /party. Make sure you are close to them.

Everytime monsters die, make sure to pick up the zen. Maximum amount of zen is 2 billion.

When you reach a higher level, you should try and get better gear. By the time you reach level 400, you should head back to the website and reset your character. Reset does two things, it reverts your character back to 1 (keeping all your stat points) and lets you level up all the way to 400 getting even more stat points.

That’s it for my guide, if you have any more questions, post a comment, or head directly to the ZhyperMU forums.


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