10 Mysterious or Hidden Objects Found in Nintendo Games

Nintendo Games; they’re family friendly, they’re easy to play, and they feature odd secrets everywhere. Nintendo games have a lot of mysterious objects hidden throughout them that don’t fit well with the overall persona of the game. This article delves into some hidden objects that found in Nintendo games, from secret dead ends to devil references.


10 – Fado’s House in Zelda Twilight Princess

In Zelda Twilight Princess, Fado is a goat hoarder along with Link in Ordon Village. He has a nice little house , but if our hero tries opening the door, its simply locked. Many Zelda games have locked doors that require an objective to unlock, so it’s not a big deal at first. However, even if you complete the game down to the last flashy bug, the door will never unlock and is impossible to get into. A coding analysis discovers that there isn’t even a code for the interior of the house. With Twilight Princesses large world , a tiny house couldn’t have been difficult to code, and even so, why would they add a fake house with no purpose? It’s just a small little mystery that eats at our sanity, because it just makes no sense.

9- Mario Kart Arcades “Cutting Room Floor”

The arcade version of Mario Kart had an interesting feature that allowed players to take a picture of themselves, and use it as your avatar while racing. In the arcade ROM, three hidden images were discovered that were named “camtest 00.jpg, camtest01.jpg, and camtest03.jpg

The first picture was just a multi colored picture, probably used to test out color detection. The second picture was a picture of mascots used at Expo 2005 in Aichi, Japan. The third picture however, was very strange. It was a picture of the Beslan School Hostage Crisis- a terrorist attack on a school in Beslan, North Ossetia which left approximately 1000 people injured or killed. No explanation can be found for the usage of the picture, other than maybe a mourning developer paying their respects.

8- Luigi is Dead in Luigis Mansion

Luigi’s mansion which debuted on the Nintendo GameCube has always had a dark persona to it. It has the exact opposite theme of a classic Mario game, which are usually light hearted and about smashing turtles. Fans however theorize that Luigi’s mansion has a much darker theme to it that is overlooked early, and shown subliminally. 

The theory goes that if Luigi stands at a specific room at a specific spot and wait for lightning to strike, a shadow can be quickly seen that appears to be Luigi hanging from the ceiling- like he has just committed suicide.  The shadow is actually quite convincing and does look like someone hanging themselves, particularly a tall slim figure, but no evidence can be provided towards this fan theory, so the intended message of the shadow is still unkown.

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