I’m Writing This Article for The Sake of Writing an Article

Sometimes people just write articles for the sole purpose of adding another one to their list of articles. Some do so to reach a milestone like 100 articles. But wouldn’t they be better off just creating quality articles that actually say something?

Maybe I should just stop typing. But then I wouldn’t reach 750 words. That’s right I decided to go for that 750 words after all. I mean, I was just babbling and before you know it I passed 500 words. It’s like the words just flew by. Where do they come from? Is there something like a little word fairy hovering over our heads sprinkling words down upon minds that happen to be at a loss for words? If so, thanks Word Fairy!

Actually, this article does have a point. I hope I don’t offend anyone by making it, though. It seems to me that sometimes some people do basically what I’ve stated above. It seems that some people really do write articles simply for the sake of adding yet another article to their numbers. I don’t really know exactly what that achieves. However, I think they would be better off just writing an article that’s a little bit longer and actually has a little more substance.

I also happen to see, from time to time, articles that seem to be a regurgitation of previous articles and just given a slightly different title. That kind of reminds me of another Friday the 13th movie. Each new release is just a regurgitation of the same old idea they’ve already run into the ground since the first one. So, when somebody asking you what happens in the new one, you say something like: “Jason goes around killing a bunch of people. Some while engaging in various acts of naughty deeds, when practiced outside the sanctity of marriage. Then, at the end of the movie, Jason appears to be killed. Can’t really say with absolute certainty though. We don’t know if there will be another sequel yet. Oops! I went over 800 words. Purely accidental, I assure you. But you get the point. I think. Oh, who cares? I’m just writing this article for the sake of writing an article.

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