99 Woodcutting Guide

A quick 99 Woodcutting guide for Runescape.

Here’s the guide, I’ll try to keep it short and simple

1: Levels 1-20 cut trees (oaks are slow at 15)

2: Levels 21-35 cut oaks (suggested to get 40 for faster cutting on willows)

3: Levels 36(or 40)-99 cut willows (or check step 4)

4: Slower than step 3!: Cut willows until 85 then cut yews for profit.

Amount of logs needed to chop: Almost 200000!

IF your a member, simply just cut ivy the rest of the way. It’s really fast.

This guide is for people of 2009 update.

This is old so don’t follow 

it’s for cash not whatever

right now you can

also use logs or canoes or whatever this guide

is 100% f2p but these 

things are now f2p. 

So cheers!

 Just making it longer ignore this part please like and comment.

this is a guide.

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