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Robot Roller Derby Disco Dodgeball is a first-person multiplayer dodgeball game set a skate park/dance club with jet-powered robots and a monster truck announcer!

Robot Roller Derby Disco Dodgeball (Disco Dodgeball for short) is a team-based multiplayer FPS where you race around a skate park / dance club in jet-powered robots and try to hit each other with exploding dodgeballs, and it’s insane crazy multiplayer goodness!

This game could sound as interesting as any multiplayer-based indie game, but once you try it, you would most likely get hooked up (just like me).

You’ll play as a moustached robot (new models coming soon!) rolling around in a disco-styled skate arena, trying to grab a ball to throw at the face of your opponents.

Now, saying you simply “throw” a ball is an  understatement. There are many ways to throw that ball and score a hit. You can make your shot while fly through the air, and pulling a “mid-air” kill, or hit someone with a bouncing ball, pulling a “ricochet”. You can prove your reflexes by “catching” an enemy ball thrown at you, and kill the thrower in the process. You can even do this in mid-air! There’s a lot of creative ways that you’ll discovering while playing the game.

There’s a lot of ways to score a hit, and there’s nothing like catching an enemy ball and killing someone else with the same ball (this is called a backfire).

Disco Dodgeball presents several game modes (with more coming), including:

  • Deathmatch: Classic team-based fight to the death.
  • Hoops: A dodgeball-styled basketball game.
  • Score Battle: Earn point by killing your opponents in different ways(catch,ricochet,ninja,etc).
  • Demolition Derby: Race through the map reaching waypoints.
  • Elimination: You won’t respawn until the next round or a friendly catch!

The game is still in beta, and the developer is pushing hard to get the game greenlit in Steam. However, is highly playable (and ridiculously fun), and there’s always some people playing around.You can have a look at the official trailer here: 

Here are some screenshots too:
Wanna give it a try? you can buy this awesome game just for $5 at the official site or even ask for free keys! (the dev usually gives them away, I got the game that way!)

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