Android-game: Legends Online Review

An Online Simulation Turn-Based RPG is heating up the Android market! It’s also free!

A couple of months ago while sitting around with absolutely nothing to do, I decided to browse the Google Play Market for a new RPG to play. Now if you are a RPG fanatic like I am, you already know there are very few great RPG’s out there for the Android OS. Fortunately I stumbled across a RPG that has really taken up much of my casual game playing time. This game is called Legends Online.

Legends Online can be categorized as an Online Simulation Turn-Based style RPG. I’ll give you a bit of insight on exactly how this is.

The online portion of the game deals with a lot of the common characteristics that an Online RPG has. You can create or join a guild where you and your fellow mates can donate your hard-earned gold to the guild. Through that gold you can upgrade your guild, which allows you to buy new guild skills and items. I really like the way they have designed the guild system as it depends on the guild members all working together to become the top guild in the game.

There is also a Group Dungeon where up to three players can join together in order to clear the dungeon. There are usually 5-7 stages that the team must complete and in the end you are rewarded with a random item. I personally love the Group Dungeons as you find many new people to play with everyday and are a great way to acquire better items and equipment. Aside from working together you can also challenge users in the Arena. This is the typical PVP but just with the turn-based battle system aspect thrown in. There isn’t much to be said about the Arena.

Instead of working with the other players you can also play this game by yourself. You can opt to do the solo dungeon where you go through various stages fighting enemies in order to clear the dungeon. You also have two NPC’s that you can take with you in order to make the fights much easier. I believe the way they designed the solo dungeons was pretty interesting. They stay dedicated to the turn-based battle system and award you with the completion of each dungeon. Two things that really bug me though are the fact that many of the enemies use the same graphic but just a different name. It makes the game kind of bland in the long run. You are also only allowed to complete up to ten solo dungeons per day. They try to use this limit to make you spend real money for more dungeon runs, which is kind of annoying.

Aside from all the fighting, you can utilize a system called “praying”. This allows you to make your character stronger by upgrading the player’s stats. Each pray though costs gold so be sure to stock up on it. This is a system that I haven’t really seen in many of the mobile RPG’s, so it really stands out for itself.

There are plenty more aspects to Legends Online that I simply just don’t have enough time to explain them all. I do recommend that you go on the Google Play Market though and check it out! Let me know what all of you guys think!

Gameplay: 8/10

Visual: 7/10

Audio: 9/10

Overall: 8/10

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