Avoid Rushing All Day Routines

Don’t make your day a Puzzle for yourself.Only a simple planning will save a lots of time and can make your day easier.

  • Keep telling yourself that you have to get up at -:- AM. This way you’ll be awake before the alarm rings and you’ll be more fresh and awaked.
  • Firstly, make a small planning in your mind of all the things you have to do in the first half of your day or may be the whole day.
  • If you work at office it is most suitable that you iron the office cloths for that week in the weekend ( probably saturday morning is suitable time.)
  • And, keep your dressing up setting for the next morning i.e. cloths taken out from the cupboard shoes kept aside undergarments if you are willing to change them in the morning, towel must be there as well ,hair brush and makeup perfume any and every that thing you need to get ready.
  • Just have a look in the kitchen what you’ll have to have in the breakfast next morning and Pre cook your luch last night if you take your lunch with you.
  • You must collect or bye the necessary things today which you need tomorrow. This way it will not get hectic in putting things in storage/shelves and geting work done at the same time.
  • Don’t rush in doing everything at the same time give yourself some space.Like you can save some work for weekend or get some help from a friend or any family member.
  • Time saved in the moning adds a lot more time that day.
  • If leaving for office try to leave a few minutes earlier than your original time.Its good to enter office before time than getting late.
  • In the end do think over every night mistakes done that day before going to sleep.
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