Back to Basics First-person Shooter Rekoil Coming to Xbla Jan. 29, Pc Jan. 28

The competitive, class-based first person shooter will release on Steam and XBLA at the end of January.

Publisher 505 Games will release developer Plastic Piranha’s debut game Rekoil on PC, Jan. 28, and on XBLA, Jan. 29. The Xbox version of the game will be published under the name Rekoil: Liberator, 505 has told Polygon.

Plastic Piranha describes Rekoil as a “back to basics” first person arena shooter set in a world devastated by a pandemic. The developer said that it’s inspired by games like Counter-Strike. Instead of offering the type of progression and weapon unlocking you’ve come to know from the Call of Duty and Battlefield games, you start with a selection of 40 different weapons to choose from, all of which are finely balanced to allow the best player to win.

At launch, Rekoil will feature 10 maps, seven game types, five customizable classes, and modding tools for the PC version.

You can pre-purchase the game now from Steam for a 30 percent discount, down from $14.99 to $10.49.

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