Back to School Challenge

A sarcastic and funny guide to getting back into the school mood with relatively less frustration.

Lets face it going back to school sucks. Your used to late night parties and waking up at two in the afternoon and now you have to force your self to get your lazy butt out of bed, but it’s OK we are all there with you, but nonetheless it’s stressful. I am hoping that this article will help you quite a bit.

The first thing you ever have to do is wake up unless you plan to have your mom put your bed on wheels and take you to each of your classes, but the last thing you ever want is the cute girl that you have a crush on to see you in your spider man underwear. Am I right?

Any way you don’t want to ease yourself into waking up early. Believe it or not it actually makes it harder on you. The easiest way to do it is to deal with the shock of looking outside and discovering it’s dark for the first couple of days.

Now, you have to worry about your schedule cause we all no that you are prone to getting lost it really helps to put a PDF of your schedule on your phone,Kindle,Ipad or whatever you have. This year all of my teachers had our stuff color coded, but like always people don’t have the same color idea that the teachers think should go with that subject so this year I put my supply list on my Kindle too.

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Next, we need to worry about homework and time management. For this my OCD came out and I just had to make a daily schedule on my Kindle, but you aren’t as crazy as me (maybe you are) so you are most likely going to blow that off. The best advice I can give you is to take time while you have it ,and find what works best for you. Also you need a sturdy self discipline and motivation.

Me being me I probably left a few things out. If you want to show other people what I didn’t say we encourage you to Comment.

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