Be The Next Steam Critic: Reviews by Gamers for Gamers

A simple guide of how to be the next Steam critic and not just a minion who worships the almighty GabeN…

Steam Critic is a game review site that features reviews that are by gamers and for gamers. All the games on this site a reviewed by those who have played the games for a reasonable amount of time. What does this mean? It means that the reviews on this site are by gamers who have actually played the gamed for a significant amount of time instead of a paid reviewer who has only played a preview for 5 minutes.

In addition to this each successful review will get you free points for Steam Critic’s  sister site Play Blink. At this site you can use your points to enter draws for free games. Yes, free steam based games that are obtained in a legitimate way with no hacking involved. As it is a legitimate way to obtain game you can be rest assured that the holy GabeN is still getting his monthly tributes thanks to your awesome reviews.


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