Best Call of Duty Ever!?!

I explain what the best Call of Duty yet.

The Best Call of Duty Ever!

I have to let you all know this is all my opinion but I will telling you why I made this decision so lets start. Out of all Call of Duties I have to pick Call of Duty 4. Why I choose this game is not because I had the most fun in this game and it’s a great part of my memories this game was actually the hardest CoD for me to learn being it was my first CoD and I was young but still going back to it in later years was still difficult. That being said it had the biggest skill gap in the entire CoD series you can define a good player from a bad player in any game but in CoD 4 you could determine the good from the amazing players. An amazing player would join any lobby and destroy I recently went back on and learned the game well and I was getting scores on average that would amount to an awesome game on say Black Ops 2 or CoD Ghosts.

CoD 4 had the best maps that Call of Duty has ever had Black Ops 1 contested that but overall CoD 4 has the most good maps in the game they are almost all diamonds. Very strategic and that’s a very large contributing aspect to the skill gap, as well as it had very good sound to use the skill (Sound Whoring) which is where you listen through a headset to know when your enemy is around via footsteps. Though Ghosts brought this back it was far better in Call of Duty 4. Drop shotting was also the best in that game though annoying a thing that good players did to win gun fights and honestly if there is something everyone can do but the better players use it to their advantage it’s fair play in my book. 

These are my opinions on the best Call of Duty ever made and I could honestly go on for days but quickly I would like to thank Treyarch for producing great games every time. Though CoD 4 was my favorite after that game they really seemed to start making worse and worse games unfortunately. Black Ops 1 and 2 were the best competitive games in the series and since I am a large supporter of that I have to thank them and tell them to keep up the great work! Well guys thank you for reading my opinion on the best CoD yet.

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