Best Zombie Games Currently Out

Best games for killing Zombies.

Lately I have been playing lots of different zombie games.  Here I tell you about some of them, which I think, are the best.

Killing Floor

The best co-op game currently out. Seriously, I am not kidding. You can choose from 6 different perks, which are classes basically(field medic, sharpshooter, support specialist, demolition, berserker and firebug). Every perk has its own bonuses. 9 different kinds of zombies to shoot plus a boss in the end of every map, if you make it that far of course. Different events from time to time, which usually add new maps to the game. Plus it has Steam Workshop, and that allows players to create content – and that means different mods(like Alien Mod, which is awesome), new maps and tons of other stuff.

This game needs teamwork, loads of teamwork. You can play it solo too, and it is a little easier, but for full experience, get 5 of your friends, and go shoot some zombies!

Left 4 Dead (2)

I think most of you already know this game and most of you think that it is not that good. I agree with some point, that when you play with 4 people against zombie AI, then it might not be that fun. But when you play 4vs4 against each other, this game will be so much fun, that even farting babies can’t beat against it. Running into 4 survivors with charger, throwing cars around like a pissed off teenager- wooohooo. And this game also has Steam Workshop, atleast the 2nd part. And that means more content from people all around the world.


Yes, I know, DayZ isn’t a standalone game YET. But I still think this game is awesome. This is one of the best zombie games out, which can be played with lots of people. You can play it solo too, and you will still like the game. But if you don’t have it currently, I do suggest waiting for the standalone. Here are some reasons why – Arma 2 is kind of buggy to be honest, so the mod it self has some issues, which hopefully will not be in the standalone game. Also the game (Arma) is not optimized, which means that it will not run correctly, even if you have a really good computer. I don’t know why that is but for some reason it does still exist.

I hope you liked this small list of games and that you do agree with me. Also if you think that there is a very good zombie game I or every zombie-fan should play, let me know in the comments. Cheers mate!

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