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BioShock Infinite is a game genre first person shooter (FPS) developed by Irrational Games and published worldwide by 2K Games for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC from March 26, 2013. The plan, this game can also be played on the device MAC as well, but is not certain about the date of issuance of such devices.

Interestingly, Irrational Gamers Russian national origin employed cosplayer named Anna Moleva to be a live-action character of Elizabeth. Gamers can see the difference between karkater Elizabeth in BioShock Infinite games with Anna in the photo below. 

Elizabeth in the game (left), Anna Moleva (right)

Game formerly known as Project Icarus title is not a continuation of previous BioShock, but its features and gameplay is still the same as the previous game. The role of the protagonist in this game is Booker DeWitt, a former Pinkerton agent as well as the characters that gamers use in this game. Pinkerton is a personal bodyguard and detective agency located in the United States. Booker is sent to a floating city in the sky in 1912 in Colombia, to find a young woman named Elizabeth.

At the beginning of play, gamers will be shown in the scene where Booker was away to a mysterious island by boat to see the wood for the sake of someone who is hired to find Elizabeth. However, on the island there is no body of anyone except those who had been killed a long time at the Lighthouse.

Booker has a paper that contains the key to solving the puzzle that is at the Lighthouse.When he uses the key to the room after seeing the lighthouse lights, strange sounds were heard. Booker did not understand what was happening, but when the lights lighthouse was replaced by a strange chair Booker then went into the room and sat on it.

Unfortunately, there are always strange things to people for fun. When Booker sat in that chair, suddenly there are handcuffs that bound him so he can not get out of the chair. Then little by little buds appear similar wall and cover that turns the chair is a capsules to fly.Maybe it could also be said rocket.

The rocket took Booker to a city in the clouds called the Eden. When I got there, Booker saw Zapelin air balloons and a very big angel statue. But he landed in a place that was flooded by water. Then he found a flock of Pastor who was doing baptisms. When Booker closer to the leader of the Pastor’s, surprisingly Booker forcibly baptized, and then sink into the water.

At that point, yet find exciting or challenging the action of the game, but the graphics are outstanding and the background is very strong in 1912. The situation in this game is very classic, ranging from the view of the neighborhood, residents dress styles of music even in very old radio really. To the music in this game, the crew gave an overview KotGa like Mickey Mouse watch old movies, black and white are still so.

However, all the peace was soon over when gamers enter the festival arena, which is where there is a lottery baseball. Then follow the lottery gamers and mencadaptkan balls with number 77. Fortunately, gamers win the lottery, because when the emcee doing sweepstakes, which appears is number 77. Gift from lottery strange it is throwing the ball on the lottery to two people who are bound.

Starting from here, felt there was something strange in the city. When you wish to perform the throw, there are two options that will appear the person who throws or throws tied emcee. Have not had time to throw the ball, there are guards who yenahan his right hand.After that there are guards who threatened him with a strange weapon mounted on the hand. The shape is strange, but very deadly.

That’s where the real game begins, there is no peace to be gamers feel because after that all the guards will chase and try to kill gamers with strange weapons. Fortunately, gamers can take their weapons to protect themselves. After that, gamers will also get a gun and other weapons to survive in the city.

Be prepared for a real fight and find Elizabeth, because she is the reason gamers are in a strange location surrounded by beautiful pemandnagan in the sky. In this game, gamers do not just use normal weapons but gamers can also use strange abilities obtained from certain items, such as the issuing power of arms, fire, telekinesis and some other waves.

Strange weapons, of course, will memunjulkan strange enemies as well. In this game, gamers are not only facing a common enemy but also robots and creatures are very creepy. The concept of the game is cool, full of imagination and action.

 you should try BioShock Infinite.

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