Blade Dancer – Latest Job Online Dungeon Striker

Blade Dancer – Latest Job Online Dungeon Striker.

Although the English Version of the popular MMORPG action game Dungeon Striker developer Eyedentity claim still exists today, but the game of the production house that also developed the Dragon Nest is always interesting to follow.

More recently, Hangame, as the publisher who holds the distribution license this game in the nation’s ginseng (Korean) has recently introduced one of the newest job that will be present at the next update Dungeon Striker.

The job is a Blade Dancer. Equipped with dual blade (Chakram), a very good attack speed, and movement of the characters is very fast, a job which one can move freely at the time of slaughter enemies blocking his way. Delay is very little skill to make Blade Dancer, able to Spam skills while continuing to move crush the enemies that are nearby.

Launch date of the latest update that brings class Blade Dancer is still yet to be announced by the publisher, Hangame.

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