Bonds – RuneScape

The first ever kindness from JAGEX to give better and affordable alternative way becoming Runescape members…

What is Bonds?

Bonds is a kind of token that either can be traded or no , depends on what you going to do with it.

Despite being cost 5.00$ per Bond , this feature receive positive criticism. You can also buy Bonds from Grand Exchange but it will be a little high at price. With Bond , you can get to choose 3 types of rewards.

1. Two weeks of membership.

2. 8 spins in Squeal of Fortune.

3. 160 Runecoins for Solomon’s General Store.

If you have atleast 2 Bonds , you can have your membership extended by 2 weeks if you are already a member. Great isn’t it? Even one who does not have a credit card or real life money can also become a member nowaday. So what are you waiting for ? Grab your Runescape coins and buy one from Grand Exchange to become a member or anything you want from the three. If you chose to become a members , then try to find money as much as you can and repeat buying bond to have infinite memberships. Cheers… and enjoy ! :D

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