Boxhead The Series

An overview of Boxhead, a zombie game by crazy monkey games.

Boxhead is a third-person, zombie game created by crazy monkey games. It currently has 7 games, possibly more, due to variations.

Boxhead, as its title suggests, that the players and the enemies have box heads. The setting of the game is in boxville where the citizens of that town got infected by a virus, mutating them into zombies. The player must kill the zombies.

The current goal in the game is to attain a high score by killing zombies, especially if killed consecutively to increase the multiplier.

Most of the series games are handled by a single player. Only one game has multiplayer capacity which is Boxhead – 2play.

The series first started with simple mechanics, few weapons and 2 enemy types. As the series advances, more weapons and enemies arrived. The graphics also improved to give that “boxy” feeling (cardboard trees, anyone?).

The last(probably not) of the series is Boxhead : The nightmare, which was a facebook game until it was transferred to kongregate.

There are now many types of enemies, taken from horror stories, such as Vampires, Werewolves, Mummies,Devils, and of course, zombies.

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