Brickforce: Shooting with Brick Soldiers

Learn more about brickforce, lego-like PvP shooting game.

Brickforce is a game run by Unity Web Player. It is a Create & Play MMO where you play as a brick soldie(Lego-style, except the arms probably) and try to kill other users with your weapons(too bad there‚Äôs no blood, just some pops[can’t describe correctly]).

There are 2 features in the game: Create and Play

Creating means you create maps for users to be played on. There seems to be a lost of downsides about this though. You are limited of brick count(due to currency), so is your map. There are also bricks that need to be bought in the shop using brick points(brick points are earned when users download your map.) There are also weapons and gear building too! The weapons in building portray the speed of putting bricks in and gear(only wings, yet, probably) lets you travel much faster around the map.

Play means playing. The modes are usual in PvP games, such as:

  • Free-for-all
  • Team death match
  • Capture the Flag

The only difference (or unique modes) in this game is Defense where you kill huge robot bees that the same size of your heads(which is huge, really) instead.

This game is mostly Pay to win, so expect yourself to get one-hit-killed by some 5 star pistol. Play this game with caution, and severe training with first person shooter games are required if your really want to be successful in this game without using a dime.

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