Bulletstorm Free Xbox Live

Here are ways to get this game for free….

Here is the game bulletstorm that is free to download from Xbox live.

I have heard you wouldn’t need gold to download this game just silver but I have gold so if you have silver and it works for you then great for you.


The game is pretty cool you stop gangs of flesh eating monsters and its you get to kill them all.

This game is kind of addicting but the game play is flawless. I’m enjoying this game more and more everyday and believe this game would be good for everyone out there.

Download the game and see for yourself if you like the game. 

I will be bringing you more free games and more info about free things as well. Keep out on the look out!

I post majority of my freebies in website form on my twitter @utsadeli so sign up and be one the first to get the free games and free things. 

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