Call of Duty Ghosts Review

My review on Call of Duty Ghosts being a long time member of the series!=.

Call of Duty: Ghosts Review

Let me start off by saying I have been a huge member and part of Call of Duty since Call of Duty 4 which launched in 2007 and I have spent countless nights playing it till the sun came up but recently a lot of people feel that CoD has been lacking or just not meeting the standards of fans. I will be giving my opinion on the game itself and why some people feel this way. 

Firstly I think CoD Ghosts is a great game and here’s why. The lag compensation is minuscule compared to other cods like Black Ops 2 and Modern Warfare 3 it’s just an all around smooth game. Audio has been fixed to a skill again unlike the others, since CoD 4 footsteps have been very hard to hear which to a good gamer is important because they purchase headsets in which to hear the footsteps to know where enemies are for the most part. I like the game modes that they brought blitz and cranked especially and the guns a huge step up from Modern Warfare 3. 

But here are some reasons I don’t like the game, the spawns are terrible. Infinity Ward always seems to mess up on the spawns. People are always spawning behind you and killing you before you recognize their even there. Competitive has been not nearly supported as Black Ops 2 which is a big deal to me because I enjoy watching it. Lastly the maps are not to my liking there are a few that are decent ones and one that I can think of that competes in one of the greatest maps in my opinion.

All in all the game is more directed towards strategy then gun skill which is a real change to the series. Some people like it some hate it, I fall in the middle. Black Ops 2 really relied on gun skill for the most part and I was something else in that game. So my final opinion is it’s the second best Call of Duty for public matches which is what the majority of players play the game for. 3rd for Competitive play, that has been my opinion on Call of Duty Ghosts thank you.

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