Camelot Design Team Unchained Lay Armor Design Details

Camelot Design Team Unchained lay Armor Design Details.

Among the many MMORPG fans, maybe not a few who are expecting the presence of Camelot Unchained. To continue to provide updated information about the new MMORPG, the developers held an interview to explain more about game design, especially the armor, which they had prepared for gamers.

Camelot Unchained

Amid the ongoing phase of Internal Testing is being hosted by the developer, the design team responsible for the appearance of armor for the characters in Camelot Unchained disclose detailed information about the armor that has an important role for defense against attack players who come from outside. The creators of the game, Mark Jacobs, said that the armor available in the game does not follow the trend homemade being favored by gamers and MMORPG games that already exist. One example, most online games is designing armor for female characters minimum paced and bikini-like iron, but such a thing would not exist in Camelot Unchained. Some artworkprovided by Jacobs shows how the existing armor-armor covers the entire body of the female characters so that it is completely protected logically. Together with the design team and animators such as Scoot Trolan, Michelle Davies, and Sandra Pavulaan; Jacobs will embody the concept that they have agreed together. Jacobs design team 100% support to bring the concept of realistic armor.

Not only armor in the form of clothes are not spared from the realistic touches, such as shields and other equipment are also made based on reality. One example is in the presentation when the design team reveal their inspiration to make armor The Vikings. They really look for the reference of the real viking armor, as well as from a variety of sources that are considered valid and realistic.

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