Castle of Shikigami III

Castle of Shikigami III gameplay is very challenging and feels solid to the size of an arcade game.

Castle of Shikigami III is a vertical shooter game that will make fans old games or games Ikaruga kinds of Galaga and Sinistar jumping for joy. Maybe this game is not suitable for the tastes of most people, considering the game appeared at the time of the next-gen era rampant with beautiful graphics.

The game features gameplay unlike most vertical shooter game in the arcade machine. You will play as one of the ten people physhic fighter who can fly and shoot energy balls to his enemies. Even if you act as a human but mechanization in the game make character movement like a machine. You will have some variation of a weapon that has the power and the distribution of different other than that each character will have a special movement different.

Broadly speaking, the gameplay Castle of Shikigami III is very challenging and feels solid to the size of an arcade game. Each piece in this game, very classic design and is able to demonstrate the attractiveness of vertical shooter game complete with explosions, the onslaught of enemy weapons and gunfire specials. The appeal of this game feels a little slack when we try to continue to play. Just like most other games vertical shooter, Castle of Shikigami III is more suitable for use arcade platform that gives a chance for a certain degree of difficulty so it has quite a lot of replay value.

This game has two modes, namely, the single player and change mode. Both modes are very similar and have no gameplay difference at all, the only significant difference is the change mode you can toggle the characters at will. Joining is provided also a co-op mode that allows us to play this game with a friend passing through the single player missions.

Control scheme Castle of Shikigami III is very easy to understand and offers many options that make it easy enough. In the Wii version, you can use the Wii Mote, classic controller or GameCube controller belongs. The third version of the above control, the Wii version Mote including most easily mastered and only use two main keys to perform action shooting. Honestly, for the Wii Mote mastery is the easiest but instead accuracy are poor compared to other controls using both analog as the control stick. Often I was stung enemy bullets just because the reaction is less accurate than the use of digital keys.

Visuals in this game is quite good and pleasing to the eye even though it may not be too special for a vertical shooter game, the graphics are presented a mixture of 2D and 3D. Castle of Shikigami III utilize the left and right edges of the screen to display the character you’re wearing complete with the type of weapon. In terms of sound, the game Castle of Shikigami III has a very bad soundtrack collection and repetitf, besides the voice and character dialogue seems so cheesy and cheap.

This game will be enjoyed by those who idolize vertical shooter and the game actually has a very solid gameplay and graphics that can not be underestimated. Unfortunately the shooter arcade game lovers already slightly reduced when compared with the 80 or 90s. Castle of Shikigami sequel next, just need a little polish and content additions that make it have replay value higher than today.

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