Civilization V: The Ultimate Government Simulator

My review of Civilization V from Firaxis Games.

I recently bought Civilization V because I had heard of its new hexagonal tile system. I got a lot more than just that. In comparison to the previous game in the series, Civilization IV, Civilization V offers far more intense government simulation and more advanced strategy. 

Gameplay: The game offers several ways to win, which you set a course for by selecting your first social policy. As you advance through the game, you can improve upon a policy, adding more perks, and eventually move on to another one. I started with Liberty to create happiness in my empire. I expanded my boundaries to collect resources and increase productivity while researching new technologies and encountering other civilizations. I also encountered city-states. City-states in Civilization V provide their civilization allies with whatever they specialize in. Some give their ally military units and some provide luxury resources. You need to forge alliances with city-states that will aid you in your cause. 

War: After most empires have developed land and are improving upon themselves, war tends to break out. Civilizations covet land, wealth, and buildings. Some civilizations will even act as bullies, sending their military units to nearby civilizations and city-states to intimidate and then demanding money or resources. This, of course, leads to alliances with other civilizations and declarations of war. War requires more strategy in Civilization V, as units cannot be stacked. Yes, much to my surprise, no stacking units and assaulting cities with sheer numbers like in previous games. So the warring player will have to be very careful with unit placement in the event of battle.

Religion: I highly enjoyed the Gods and Kings DLC, which put religion in the game. Religion begins with the building of shrines. Shrines cause a beginning income of faith. After enough accumulation of faith, a pantheon is discovered in your capital city. You get to choose the effect of this pantheon on your people from a list. This perk will affect cities with this pantheon as the major religion. These effects can take advantage of the environment, buildings, or population to increase culture, gold, or more faith. Once you generate enough faith, a Great Prophet will spawn outside your capital and you can use him to found a religion. You choose a religious symbol and have the option to rename it (the game uses major world religions and its symbols). You get to choose more perks of this religion and can now use faith to purchase missionaries, which can be used to spread religion. If you save up faith, another Great Prophet will spawn, allowing the opportunity to enhance a religion. Great Prophets can also be used to spread religion, but are much more powerful than missionaries. 

Conclusion: I really could go on and on about this game, but it’s something best experienced firsthand. The game will fill you with a sense of power, given you’ll be calling the shots in your own civilization and guiding it through the centuries. Civilization V calls you to play game after game, trying different strategies to win multiple types of victories. With intelligent AI and advanced tactics, politically, economically, and militarily, Civilization V is truly the ultimate government simulator.

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