Clash of Clans: Commendable or Cruddy?

Clash of Clans is a popular application for Android and iOS devices. Developed by Supercell, Clash of Clans, also referred to as CoC, is free.

Story: In first minutes of the game, your base is attacked by goblins. You are encouraged to destroy a nearby goblin base for revenge. This opens the option of attacking goblins in the campaign mode. Other than this there is no other story. However, a player can easily see that Clash of Clans was not designed for single player story mode, but rather for multiplayer interactions. (5 / 10)

Fun: Clash of Clans is very interactive and keeps drawing players back to the game. Players get the most enjoyable experiences by attacking other players and interacting with clan members. However, some players feel that the game slows down when build upgrade times reach several days, rather than mere minutes in the beginning of the game. Supercell has included an ability to make these times fly by using gems, which can be purchased with real currency. (7 / 10)

Originality: Supercell’s Clash of Clans was released as original. However, with the game’s growing popularity, many look-a-likes have been developed, although many people would agree that Clash of Clans is better than its copies. (4 / 5)


Characters: Unless you include the identical troops, Clash of Clans has one nameless character that runs you through the tutorial. Afterwards, she hides away in the top left corner of the screen to notify you of achievements. Like mentioned earlier, Clash of Clans is heavily based on multiplayer activities, and other players make up for this lack of characters. (3 / 5)


Difficulty: The difficulty of this game depends on your strategizing and your utilization of clan benefits. Some players with high level bases farm and fight low level players, which makes this nearly impossible to win an attack and makes you feel like you were cheated. In Clash of Clans, you win some and you loose some, which makes it almost a perfect difficulty level. (4 / 5)


Graphics: CoC is well polished and looks very clean. The graphics are great for a mobile game and almost seem to have a slight cartoon look to them. (5 / 5)


Music and Sound: The game comes with a soundtrack that sets the tone for the current situation and does not get on your nerves after extended hearing times. There are great sound effects that make the game come alive. All the audio is crisp and sounds great. Options to disable sound and/or music are available. (5 / 5)


Controls: The controls and mechanics are simple and easy to pick up on. They are very reasonable and create for a game such as this. (5 / 5)


Bonus Points

Friendly Community: The global chat is a place to interact with others. Most do so responsibly and respectfully. You can make friends and find a clan to join. There are a few negative people on the chat, but overall, the global chat seems to be a very positive place. (+1)


Overall Score: (39 / 50)

Ranking: Great

Clash of Clans is fun to play and developed well. This application is recommended to all players with an Android smartphone or an iOS device.

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