Coaching The Little Talk Tricks

Avoid quoting the baby is still not clear in the pronunciation of words such as slurred. The child who is learning to speak his interlocutor would imitate speech, consequently he could not learn the right way.

Do not force your child mimicking your words, let him express his heart and mind.

Do not be too small to dictate the make a mistake in saying the words. If it’s too forced she would lose the trust that affect its development.

Familiarise your child to tell what he was doing all day.

Response of the child so that he practiced speaking with a complete example by not providing the full question-cut piece.

Give the books that interest him. Read a book as much as possible or it could be read as an introduction before bed.

Encourage your child to play word games to increase vocabulary or vocabulary, for example with a guess the picture.

Give a spectacle that adds to his vocabulary and taught to imitate.

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