Command and Conqeur Tiberium Alliances Online Game Mmorpg

Come see this awesome game called command and conqeur tiberium alliances online game mmorpg.

hey guys sign up for this game its a awesome mmorpg strategy, commanding your own army type game
heres the link to sign up:
It is a brilliant game you have many oppurtunities to speak to other players from all over the world you can join alliances which can hold the max of 50 people in each alliance.
most alliances in the game are run by nice players who love to help others start off.

There is a tutorial when you first start your account that shows you what to do to your base and how to do it. 
if you need help they have alliance forums, world forums or even just the site forum and most people on the forms are happy to help anyone in need of it.
Good luck with your new bases Commanders. :) :) :)

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