Competitive Call of Duty

Is competitive Call of Duty at it’s peak or will it keep getting more popular!?

Is Competitive Call of Duty At Its Peak?

Call of Duty recently has been getting bigger and bigger and the new release of CoD Ghosts I feel impacted the competitive scene greatly in actually a negative way. Coming out of the gate it had some big issues with it that weren’t quite solved to have best and most fair competitive play. Also the first tournament being so close to the release date of the game didn’t quite help either. It seems like CoD has a ways to go in the competitive scene, League of Legends and Dota 2 have amazing prize pools and venues and such while CoD is still lacking on the scene

Competitive Call of Duty is a growing thing and I do not believe it is not at its peak I think it will grow on and on until CoD actually folds and stops making games because the games are being more designed towards the competitive players. Though Ghosts doesn’t show it Infinity Ward doesn’t really appreciate all that they do for the game as much as Treyarch who is my preferred of the two. I think the next Call of Duty release which will be made by Treyarch will be an amazing competitive game and that’s when it will be on its biggest incline.

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