Competitive Gaming Getting Popular!!

Reasons why competitive gaming and gaming itself is getting a substantial increase as of recently.

Recently e-sports have been getting more views then ever before in the history of gaming. In games such as league of legends, Dota 2 and Call of Duty they have been able to rack up between 10k-250k+ people in a single livestream. If you go back 10 years ago when games like competitive Pokemon was still relevant they got absolutely no where close to say a league of legends streams views. Partially because the internet wasn’t as popular and gaming was a lot more “nerdy” then. It seems like almost 100% of boys and a majority of girls show some interest into gaming whether it be pong, pacman, call of duty or Dota 2. So I believe gaming is being more and more less frowned upon daily and soon I believe it will be a viable option for a career.

So why is this such a big deal? To me personally I believe that this is the rise to something big that will impact the world for the better. Gaming is a part of my life that I quite enjoy and as rare as it is but to pursue a career in something that you would do for free is a dream come true. I know that within the next few years competitive gaming, internet personalites and so on will pick up and get even more views and 250k views will be something of the past. This is my opinion on the gaming scene at the moment and I really hope it keeps on the incline

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